Saturday, 19 February 2011

Day #2 - Better than dead

Day #1 Contd.

 The party decided to head straight to the bar&grill to check for supplies and try and make some molotov cocktails.They are going to need to be holstered up pretty tightly when it's night time...

Laura and the quiet man exchanged some glances over the situation with Tony, the quiet man gave an empty, but realized look, Laura felt her stomach sink, she knew what they had to do.
They approached the bar&grill, checking entrances, watching out for anything sharp protruding from the building like  broken glass or nails, the virus reacts so well with open wounds....

There are no runners inside, the bar appears empty, but non the less, the stench of death is nausiating. With the quiet to silence his actions, the quiet man turns to a shivering Tony. There is no doubt, Tony is showing signs of infection: sweating, quivering, rasping. Laura watches through eyes that have seen all too much, she absorbs each impact of the wrench into Tony's skull. Again and again the quiet man goes in with a heavy blow to the skull, emotionless. Decapitated, they drag the body and head outside, no need to risk themselves.

Laura and the quiet man border up the building; they will spend the night and next day getting ready.

Day #2

Supplies of interest:
Emergency lions bandages
Kitchen knives x 3
Molotov cocktail

They cautiously exit the bar, Tony's body is just a spattered mess of gibs and bone, the runners made quick work of him in the night.

Quiet man checks the entrance of the computer store, Laura taking in the rear. It seems quiet, clear, just the never ending drop on anxiety followed by the searing yelp of adrenaline.

Nothing, no information, Laura checks the terminals, no power. There is rustling outside, the party look at each other for an answer in the their expression, both are lost, anticipating the worst...A face of a young man appears at the shop window, starring at them both deeply and intently.

The party has been found by a runner, if there are more nearby it will alert them, they will not survive the confrontation. Quiet man saw an exit upstairs, it might lead to the roof, it might be a dead end. At the moment it is just them and just this one assailant, but it could mean the difference between life, death and undeath.

Choose their fate...


  1. not the roof... they always go to the roof! become a zombie and infiltrate there ranks, amass power and convince them through political pressure to become vegans.

  2. Go to the roof and crowdsurf to the zombies like a motherfucking metalhead.

  3. Tie him up with the rope, then hit him with the crowbar and stab him with the knives until he is dead.

    Be sure to slam an energy drink first though..

  4. I don't really understand these runners, are they just stupid zombies? If he can call others to alert then it doesn't matter, he needs to be silenced by any means necessary.

    Attacking him with a knife might be stupid given neither of the main characters are experienced killers or fighters, but if they know they can overpower him and kill him they should try.

    Avoiding detection is the absolute priority. If you are discovered you need to hide. Eventually they'll break down any door and get past any blockade.

    But if they're stupid and can't find you, you have the advantage.

  5. On the way they found a shotgun and they use it to kill the runner

  6. Take him down with the crowbar, you are, afterall, the quiet man....