Thursday, 17 March 2011

UpDate#1 New banner graphics

Getting a custom banner graphic for the blog to make it look a bit more custom and to add some edge to the place. I was thinking of making a custom a font that really set the style of this page and then rotating through about 4 different custom banners. What would you guys like to see?

Sunday, 13 March 2011

Day #3 Dying's for fools

Day #3

Supplies of interest:
Emergency lions bandages
Kitchen knives x 1
Molotov cocktail

The quiet man had ran full force  out the front door with the crow bar, Laura followed quickly after. Quiet man repeatedly struck the runners face as it tried to claw it's way to him. Even one scratch, one drop of sweat from the creature and he was done for. Holding two knives Laura pierced the first into the back of the runner, her aim was off, her adrenaline was searing in her veins. But with the second she drove it into the creatures eye socket as the quiet man smashed the crowbar into it's throat. The two jumped away as thick tar-like ichor began to bubble and hiss from the gashes.

It was safe for the part to head upstairs after their confrontation, no time to stop to let the body settle, their might be a follow-up attack.

Currently the two sit on the roof of the building, the darkness of the streets encompasses any groans they hear in the distance, no power for the grid, means no vision. Laura turns to the quiet man, only barely visible "So, what's your story?". He exhales deeply, faces the other way. It was apparent this was going to be difficult.

As soon as sun started to peak across the horizon, the two had to move, runners can see in the day, but hide. They wait, watch, spread whispers and watch your every move.

They leave the building from the roof to the rear courts, it's time for them to explore the city, find an escape. They must build a plan to survive.

Choose their fate...