Thursday, 17 February 2011

Day #1 - Not yet dead

Time: 11:59 AM

Supplies of interest:
Emergency Lions plasters

Tony, Laura and 'The quiet man' leave the wreckage of their car after it careened out of control whilst trying to escape the city. It was their only means of escape thus far, taking days to find a suitable ride to escape the concrete hell.

Tony is injured but Laura and The quiet man are fine, they display no physical damage, only shock from the crash. Tony's left arm is wounded, a large gash is rendered from the top of his deltoid, wrapping around to his tricep. His wounds must be seen to quickly otherwise within the next 40 hours he might become infected, lose too much blood or become unconscious. Currently the party does not have sufficient supplies to treat his wounds.

The car wreck has left the party at the begging of a bridge to an off-island, it is possible to reach by car, but the party does not have sufficient supplies to make the trip.

Walking back to a safe distance from the car there is a: sandwich shop, Bar&Grill, Computer store or road to the next street.

Choose their fate....


  1. Probably the best option would be Bar&Grill because it's more likely to have med-kit or something similar. So probably it would be great idea to take stuff from car which could be used as weapons and head towards the Bar&Grill.

  2. Tell the injured fella we are headed to the computer store and ditch him for the bar. followed this blog.. could turn out awesome

  3. I want a sandwich, watching the zombies eat makes me hungry.

  4. I would head to the bar&grill for medi-supplies. And then to the computer shop for a bit of internet research, see how badly the world is infected, where the safe-areas are and what the next phase of the plan should be.

  5. I'd go for a bar and grill. They might be able to prepare some molotov cocktails right there.

  6. I'd go down the next road out of stupidity.

  7. they split up, each goes to a different place and meet at the road

  8. If Tony has an open air wound...then he could become infected at any point and become a danger to the rest of us. I for one will let him come along, but he's gonna be under my watchful eye.

    To the grill to check for food, and then to the computer store for anything useful - a means of communication?

    If his injury is so painful he can't think straight or keep up with us, then he's gotta go.